Carville Annex Press

is (directly) two sisters and (less directly) many other women and species, over here, really close to the Pacific Ocean, breathing and drinking water. Publishing is one way we create as many reminders of our interconnectivity as we can. Which is another way of saying thank you to the trees which gave their lives to the books we publish, all of the species of plants and animals and fungus that the lives of the trees sustained. Publishing is our way of saying thank you to the writers who become friends and friends who become writers, for the life sustained by what is made by these magically actual people. It's also a thank you to the ancestors of the actual writers for the lives they have in which to think and write and be. It's a thank you to you, reader, and all of your ancestors for this living conversation we sustain together. All of these lives and life are what makes us want to publish and/or live.