Some Of The Things That This Is

the home of Actually People Quarterly, a magazine by and about Actual People

a press where we sell the magazine and books published (also by and about Actual People)

some events, usually quarterly, often more, which are the living embodiment of the community we seek to express and share in the form of print materials

it's actually / literally a biz now called CARVILLE ANNEX PRESS

a way to remind ourselves to drink water

a place to ask questions

lots of things we probably haven't thought up yet


Press As Survival Tactic

Carville Annex Press is hard to explain accurately because it's always changing, like the feminist project we often call Our Own Lives, which each include lots of jobs (some of which make money and some of which do not) and lots of questions about how to proceed on any given day.

For example, do we prioritize making money today? Do we prioritize trying to get the people we know and don't know out of the soul-and-body-killing place called prison? Do we prioritize walking outside in nature with humans, or stretching to save our bodies, or drinking water, or being alone to remember the quiet light running through everything that makes us want to live in the first place? Do we watch TV on the internet to check out mentally or do we sleep? Do we email-boss someone to write something for the maga? Do we set up mailchimp so that we can adequately let people know about the next event, to do justice to the artists who so generously give their time and life force to this project, or do we do legs up the wall for five minutes so our backs don't break from all this computer time? It's hard to say on any given day what we will prioritize in A Long List of Things That Feel Important To Do. Maybe that's why at times we are confusing to anyone who is generous enough to want to understand.

Sometimes one of us wants to quit, because we get tired, and discouraged at how it seems like the things that are psychologically sustaining our lives in the Most Real Ways do not fit into, or are not paid for in our current system. Sometimes, honestly, we are immensely discouraged, by, for example, rent in San Francisco, or for another, the Time Famine we seem to always be in, or another, how racist the USA still is and how that results in premature deaths for so many people of color, or how the earth has lost half its wildlife in the last 40 years. How can a press and/or any public platform address the things that are most important to us? Our biggest questions? What are our biggest questions? How do we best ask those questions, together? And where is the lightness alongside the biggest questions? How do we find the lightness together?

So when one of us gets really discouraged and almost quits, what usually happens is, another one of us reminds us that someone else wrote something beautiful and true about feminism for our blog, or described why they continue to make ugly chapbooks, or worked so hard to end mass incarceration, or wrote a book that they let us publish, or shared their vision and expertise in public, and then we remember that this project, in the midst of the exhaustions and confusions of our lives, is at the most basic, selfish level, a way for us, the people who run it, to survive. Anything achieved beyond that is a major bonus.