Meeting Minutes with Dynasty Directors SF and KF

"Let's have a meeting for once."


"Should the next issue be "Labor"? Oh but wait, have we done that already?"

"Wait, we're actually reenacting what we already wrote about in the last letter from the editors, which is where we think of a theme for the next issue and then forget if we've already done it."

"Yeah, but even if we've done that, we should do it again. And talk about all of the labor that is happening everywhere to make our lives possible that no one thinks about."

"Yeah, but also that should be a book."

"Ugh, this is the problem - I just want to do this full time but how can we afford to?"

"Ugh I know."

"Okay, let's do an APQ like we did that one time where we just do it all by hand in one weekend. Let's do it at Case for Making and have anyone we want to interview come by and anyone we want to draw come by and do it all at the table at Case for Making on Saturday so we can deal with the time famine."


"August 29, Saturday, all day at Case for Making."

"And we'll give away backstock issues of APQ for anyone who participates."


"And that will give us enough time for it to be ready by the fall equinox."

"Ugh, good meeting."


Posted on July 12, 2015 .